*The Norwood family is getting creative.

Instead of going back to reality television like everyone else, the musical crew has created a new app for family and children called “FamBam: Got to Have Music.”

It’s an animated, interactive children’s book that can be used on a mobile device and shared by the whole family.

The app is geared toward children 3 to 6 years old. Kids can watch or read the story on their own, and flip through pages and be completely entertained.

“FamBam is a Norwood family term of endearment that declares our exclamation of happiness about family,” states Willie Norwood. “We’re creating FamBam apps because we believe that devices like the iPhone and iPad have the potential to be revolutionary learning tools – if used properly. We think technology can create new ways for parents to connect with and help their children, and we’re creating the products that we want to use with our grandchildren,” proclaims Sonja Norwood, the family’s matriarch.

The book teaches children about music and gives them the opportunity to appreciate different types as well as learn to resolve conflicts in a positive way.