black man hailing taxicab*Even in of all places, Washington, DC where  a  man of color lives in the White House and African Americans are the majority, DC cab drivers, even black ones, discriminate against other Blacks, reports a local TV station

A hidden camera WUSA9 taxicab investigation shows DC cabs denying service to a black undercover 9 News staffer twice as often as to a similarly aged and dressed white passenger.

Undercover video shows one cab refuse the black passenger, and going on to pick up an undercover white passenger a hundred feet later who requested the same destination.

“I didn’t know he was white,” the driver said when confronted on camera by 9 Wants to Know. “I drive for anybody.”

Click here to see extended video: This video shows the driver when he refused to transport black passenger. 

Click here to see extended video of black taxi driver apologizing for not picking up black passenger.

Click here for extended video or repeat refusals from other cabs.

In the end, he hung his head and apologized.

“I’m sorry, the driver said.

We asked all 40 cabs that we tested to take us to the intersection of Savannah St. and Congress St. in Southeast Washington, D.C.

Surveillance video show six cabs either pass by the black passenger in favor of a the white passenger, or verbally refuse service using various excuses.


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Watch WUSA9’s report on the investigation: