obama & cornel west*Tavis Smiley’s buddy and partner in slime (against President Obama), Professor Cornel West, is at it again.

With the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut as the backdrop, Saturday, West referred to President Obama and other (unnamed) politicians as “cowards” who only cares about “vanilla” children.

West, an open and frequent critic of Obama, referring to the soaring homicide rate in Chicago, said the president did not care when “black folk” get shot in his own state.

“Not a peep not a mumblin’ word when the black folk gettin’ shot!” he said” But now Newtown (Connecticut), vanilla side, low in behold we got a major conversation.”

West made his comments during “The Smiley & West Show.” Cornel West has also publicly called Obama a “Rockefeller Republican in Blackface.”

Following the death 26 children and adults in Newtown, CT., President Obama is taking action to implement some form of gun control.


Spotted at Redding News Service and Breitbart.