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*Machete Kills?  Not so fast!

Perennial bad guy Danny Trejo – who seems to always be wielding a machete in his films – will unveil a good guy role via Lionsgate in “CounterPunch” January 15, 2013.

Latinos have an ongoing battle with Hollywood over their images on the screen. At a recent Writers Guild tribute to the late Mexican American actress Lupe Ontiveros, it was revealed she had reprised the role of maid over 80 times.

Producer and winner of VH1’s “Pick Up Artist,” natch Alvaro Orlando wrote the good guy role for Danny Trejo. In another nod to diversity, “CounterPunch” had an international cast and crew with over five languages spoken on set including Hungarian, Portuguese, Polish, Creole and several dialects of Spanish said Cuban/Colombian Orlando.

Like Sylvester Stallone, Alvaro Orlando both co-wrote the screenplay with urban indie filmmaker Kenneth Castillo and stars alongside Trejo and Steven Bauer.

“CounterPunch” was shot in Miami and at Williams Boxing Gym in Long Beach, started by owner Charles Williams and Muhammed Ali to train upcoming boxing talent.

Watch the trailer for “Counterpunch”:



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