*Will we finally get the “Detox” album in 2013?

It looks like Dr. Dre will release his long-awaited third solo album on the unofficial weed holiday of April 20th.

The rapper/producer appeared in a brief video with producer/friend Just Blaze, who teases fans with news about a special release next year.

“Guess what else comes out (in 2013)?” he says in the 17-second clip shot on a camera phone and posted on RapHD.com. Blaze turns the lens on Dre, who says, “4/20 baby, 4/20, I’m comin’!”

Don’t get too excited. Blaze ends the clip by saying, “You just might see a unicorn this year, too.”

The 4/20 date seems unlikely as it falls on a Saturday next year. Traditional U.S. releases hit retailers on Tuesdays.

“Detox” is the follow-up to Dre’s last album, “2001,” which was released in 1999. He’s been working on “Detox” for over a decade, but ran into a string of setbacks and had to scrap a collaboration with Jay Z, titled “Under Pressure,” from the tracklist after part of the song leaked onto the Internet. He then had to rush-release another tune, “Kush,” in 2010 due to similar issues.