anthony mackie

Anthony Mackie

*Another year in Hollywood has come and gone.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were debating the merits of Viola Davis vs. Meryl Streep for the Best Actress category?

Anyways, it’s time to look forward to another year in Hollywood – one that, thankfully, will showcase an enormous number of talented black artists in film and on television. Here’s a list of the guys to watch out for in 2013 (and don’t worry – the ladies are coming soon, too).

Steve McQueen / Chietwel Efijator – McQueen is not, of course, the iconic star of The Great Escape (sadly, he passed away years ago). No, McQueen is the supremely talented English director of the films Hunger and Shame, on the verge of breaking through to A-level status. In 2013, he’ll team up with the great Chiwetel Ejiofor (Inside Man) and frequent collaborator Michael Fassbender for the historical drama Twelve Years a Slave. Both might have Oscars the next January.

Brandon T. Jackson – You know Jackson as the man who stole scenes from Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder. He heads for the small screen in 2013 to head up the promising Beverly Hills Cop TV show for CBS, helmed by The Shield creator Shawn Ryan (and, hopefully, including Eddie Murphy cameos).

Nonzo Alonsie – You may remember the imposing Alonsie as the treacherous Xaro Xhoan Daxos in Game of Thrones. He’ll take on an even bigger role in 2013, as a futuristic sergeant in an adaptation of the sci-fi classic Ender’s Game.

Dennis Haysbert – For years, Haysbert played one of the best characters on television – courageous president David Palmer – on 24, and he’s always been a compelling movie star (Major League, Heat, Far From Heaven). He takes on a big role in 2013, stepping into the departed Michael Clarke Duncan’s shoes to play Manute in the Sin City sequel.

Anthony Mackie – 2013 could kick Mackie into true superstardom. The Hurt Locker actor has showy roles in the film noir Gangster Squad, the Michael Bay gym-set comedy drama Pain and Gain, and the Affleck / Timberlake starrer Runner, Runner, all leading up to his big role as The Falcon in the Captain America sequel (set for 2014). He’ll be a welcome addition to the A-list. Let’s hope he gets into the Avengers sequel, too.