tj holmes tarantino foxx*Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx and Academy Award director Quentin Tarantino appear on “Don’t Sleep!” hosted by T. J. Holmes tomorrow, Wednesday, December 19 at 6pm E/P,  in a 1-on-1 interview with T. J. Holmes regarding their latest film “Django Unchained,” which recently received five Golden Globe nominations.   Foxx and Tarantino openly speak with Holmes about the films controversial use of the N-word and portal of slavery.

seal*Seal is looking to move into a new bachelor pad. The singer placed a formal bid on a $6 million Los Angeles mansion recently. It has four bedrooms, five and a half baths, a media room, private gym and two separate kitchens. There’s no word if his offer was accepted.

*Stevie Wonder is calling for stricter gun laws saying, “I think we’re at a very interesting time now where we can use again tragedy such as this, which is a major tragedy, as a way to move forward to something that we need to confront. I think people can’t think like they’re living in the wild, wild west going into 2013. With guns and their accessibilities, there have to be stronger and stricter gun laws. It’s okay saying no. It’s okay particularly when you know some people are not as mentally stable. So you don’t want them to have a gun or any other kind of weapon at their disposal.”