The Game & Michelle Malkin

The Game & Michelle Malkin

*Since The Game put a Jesus looking Jesus on his new album “Jesus Piece,” critics have been expressing total resentment for the concept.

Fox blogger, contributor and arch conservative, Michelle Malkin, called the cover “blasphemous.”

Let’s pause for a minute and analyze this: If the album cover was created by a non-black artist depicting a non-black Jesus, would the same controversy arise?

Take a look at the album covers below. Bob Dylan’s “Saved” depicts a god-like hand reaching down, touching the earthlings in need of a special ‘blessing.’

Acid Bath, a metal band of the past, uses a painting by Jack Kervorkian, who plays with the ideal of Christianity’s commercialism. However, to their credit, this album was banned from Australia.

Also, a current UK band, the Alabama 3, a “country, acid, house music” band features a Jesus guy being crucified while on a line up.

Anyway, the reporter and the rapper got into a Twitter debate about his decision to use Rick James as Jesus and all that stuff.

So Malkin, who apparently assumes that Game has a particular respect for Allah for some reason (probably because he’s black) posed a question: “Would The Game dare to do to Allah what he did to Jesus Christ? Just asking, though we already know the answer.”

The Compton rapper responded, saying that Malkin is being prejudice because God can be portrayed in any form because no one (of this time) has seen him.

The debate went back and forth on the social network. Will it end? Probably between them eventually, but the debate shall wage on.