*Tom Joyner opened up his heart and his wallet for a grieving 61-year-old mother named Ella Edwards, who recently lost her 24-year-old son. She started a petition on Change.org to have her dead son’s $10,800.00 student loan debt forgiven.

So she joined the Tom Joyner Morning Show via phone and told her story. Edwards explained that her son died of what doctors say was natural causes. She had a life insurance policy since 1986, however she fell behind a few days and by the time her son passed, the policy was no longer active. The insurance refused to pay her a dime.

Edwards’ petition collected about 200,000 signatures, but even with the support, she wasn’t sure what the petition would do to remedy the situation.

By the end of the show, Tom decided to pay off the debt altogether.

“Would you stay on the line and give me your account number and all the information, and I’ll pay the $10,800 dollars,” he said.

Edwards, grateful to have the stress off her back, said collectors will drive a woman mad.

“And I want these parents to know these private loans ain’t nothing to play with,” Edwards added among her final comments. “It will come back. If you lose a child they will drive you crazy. They have been times, I mean, all I can do is fight off not taking my own life, because this stress.”