jordan davis

Jordan Davis

*We can certainly appreciate Clear Channel’s recent desire to help support the injustice in the Jordan Davis murder but let’s take a deeper look into the problem….

So far this year there have been 436 gang-related killings in Chicago and that number continues to grow. Many of the people who died and those in the gangs are fatherless according to an article in the Chicago Defender. The author of the article blames a biased gender-based judicial system that alienates black fathers from their children but I tend to disagree, when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s many black men simply didn’t want shit to do with their children or their children’s mothers in droves with or without a court system.

One could argue the mother made a poor decision on choosing her mate and they would be right but what about the child, what was his or her choice? Others may blame racism and discrimination pre and post Civil Rights and they would also be correct because the system denied black men a chance to be men slamming the doors of employment shut in many black men’s faces but allowing black women in. That same system also gave black men carte blanche to walk out on their families simply by denying the children in court. It was just that simple. Perhaps this was an evil and racist mapped out Master-plan to disrupt and destroy the black family and sadly it worked.

Black men are proud and many of them surrendered to the system and choose to spend their day on the street corner or at Mama and dems house well into their 40s while they continued to have children they didn’t care for. Sadly this is still happening today as an article was just posted about a 34 year old black man with 25 children none of which he cares for. He is labeled as a Professional Deadbeat Dad. (see vid at bottom). In this video another black man totally blames black women for being stupid enough to lay up with black men like this. Unfortunately, he does make some valid points BUT the black man needs to take responsibility too.

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