apple & google logos meshed*Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few months you know that Apple screwed up royally when it decided to abandon Google Maps in its iOS 6 software for the iPhone.

The move wasn’t one that shocked the tech community as Apple and Google had been going at it every since Android was released back in 2008, but many questioned the move and whether it would be best for the end-user.

Apple is great at many things; mainly handling music and movies. But data isn’t one of those things. Google’s whole philosophy is based on data.  With that information, Google was able to create a Maps application that basically gave accurate directions to almost any place in the world.  Google Maps was baked into Apples’ software and because somewhat of an alternative to turn-by-turn navigation since Apple didn’t yet have a native application that ran on its operating system.

With this release of iOS 6 all of that changed. Apple decided to ditch the popular maps software in favor of its own application called Maps. Everyone at first was excited, finally after 5 years, turn-by-turn directions were coming to the iPhone. When it was released in September however, things weren’t so pretty. The application while great for a majority of users, lacked specific data that it needed to make it revolutionary (as all apple products have been lately). It worked, but it was no where near as accurate as the previous Google Maps application. There was also no transit information which meant that many of users who rely on public transportation couldn’t rely on Apple Maps to get the job done. The world went crazy…

Fast forward to last night, 12.12.12 at about 5:42 PM, I read a report that a new Google Maps app would be finally released to the iPhone and iPod Touch   At around 12 midnight PST, I finally was able download the application and boy was I impressed. Turn-by-Turn navigation, full fledged Google Maps, and an innovative seamless experience welcomed me as I tapped on the newly downloaded icon on my home screen.

While the app itself is great, there are some things that will need improving and it’ll come, in due time. 1.  The Google Application isn’t native, meaning that the default app when you search directions, even in all of the Google Applications, will still be Apple Maps. However, Google made it known that developers can program their application to use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps, and that they will update all of Google’s iOS applications in the near future. I’m sure, if you have an iPhone, you will see application updates over the next few weeks that will reflect that change.

2. Currently, there is no offline maps option. It probably will come, but for now, you are still gonna have to have to some type of data connection in order for Google Maps to work. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is update in early

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to download the application. It’s Free and it works on all iPhones or IPod Touches that have at least iOS 5.1. This means that if you have an iPhone 4, although you can’t get Apple Maps on it, you can get Google Maps, and in my opinion, its way better than Apples Maps. Feel free to peruse the App Store on your iPhone and iPod Touch as soon as you finish reading and liking this article.2013.

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darryl yates

Darryl Yates, the Gadget Guy