tj holmes (on msnbc)*While we’re not trying to say nothin’ for sure, but as Shadow and Act pointed out, brother man T.J. Holmes looked real comfortable as he “sat in” for the vacationing Alex Witt on her MSNBC show Saturday.

Did you see it? It followed Melissa Harris-Perry’s  show. We expect Mr. Holmes will probably do a repeat today and sub again. It’s hard to tell what’s going on in TV-land these days, one day you’re in–the next you’re not; but Holmes did try to set the record straight for those who may suspect he is jumping ship from BET and grabbing a MSNBC life-boat.  He tweeted:

To clear this up: last “Don’t Sleep” episode of 2012 was last wk. Look forward to it in 2013. But, u can see me other places, like #MSNBC.”

Hmmmm, we dunno, but from his words, it sure looks like a seque. After all, isn’t this how “relationships” start? Let’s put him on, try him out, see how he does, and we’ll talk.

Just sayin’…

Of course that doesn’t have to mean he’s leaving BET altogether. After all, surely there must be some contract involved, some safety net for the parties involved; especially since his show, “Don’t Sleep,” is still relatively new. Though the original time slot and length have changed. The ink may still be wet … perhaps there’s a “back-out” clause … who knows … just thinking out loud.

Later, again via Twitter, Holmes thanked viewers for feedback adding, “Wasn’t perfect but hey, I’m rusty!

Keep it locked. Something tells us more may be brewing in this pot.