kerry washington and and jamie foxx*The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, an American tragedy, has touched millions in different ways, causing celebrities and leaders alike to speak out against violence, mental health, and gun control.

Among those publicly sympathizing with the families and the tragedy overall is recently controversial actor Jamie Foxx.

While his new Quentin Tarantino movie, full of bloodshed and brutality, is gaining momentum with rave reviews and tons of excitement, he laments that Hollywood films, depicting violence contributes to the revolving savagery America continues to endure.

“We cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn’t have a sort of influence,” Foxx said in an interview on Saturday. “It does.”

Though he doesn’t deny the responsibility filmmakers hold for portraying certain images, he also said “tragedy happens” and those who commit the crimes should be held responsible for their actions.

“Django” co-star Kerry Washington also commented about the tragedy.

“I do think that it’s important when we have the opportunity to talk about violence and not just kind of have it as entertainment, but connect it to the wrongs, the injustices, the social ills,” reports the Associated Press.