jamie foxx as django*Jamie Foxx can’t catch a break this season with the release of “Django Unchained” right around the corner.

The film itself has caused a bunch of controversy for its violence and most recently for it portrayal of slavery.

Critics also made it a point to highlight the number of times the “N-word” was used throughout the film.

But Jamie is defending his flick like it was his own child.

In a recent interview with Vibe, the actor discussed issues of race and living a life built around his race.

“When I get home my other homies are like how was your day? Well, I only had to be white for at least eight hours today (or) I only had to be white for
four hours,” Foxx told Vibe. “Everything we do is that. When you’re talking about the script, of course it’s going to be controversy.”

Speaking of ruffling feathers, the N-word was used more than 100 times throughout the flick. Oh boy, you know someone had to say something about that.

“As black folks we’re always sensitive,” Foxx said. “As a black person it’s always racial. I come into this place to do a photo shoot and they got Ritz crackers and cheese – I’ll be like, ain’t this a b—-. Y’all didn’t know black people was coming. What’s with all this white s—? By the same token, if there is fried chicken and watermelon I’ll say ain’t this a b—-? So, no matter what we do as black people it’s always gonna be that. Every single thing in my life is built around race. I don’t necessarily speak it because you can’t.”

And that’s that. So stop talking about it.

The movie is out Christmas Day.