*Jay-Z is turning the tables and giving his fans a present on his 43rd birthday. [Watch in its entirety below.]

His website Life + Times premieres a mini-documentary of the making of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and his eight-day concert series.

The video shows commentary and behind-the-scenes footage of Jay-Z, Young Guru and the rest of his band, rehearsing and prepping for the concert series from day one.

“Jay is pulling from every album. It’s been hectic,” Young Guru shares of the rehearsals behind Jay-Z’s concert series. “It’s the f**kin’ craziest thing you ever seen,” Jay chimes in on the center’s stage.

From when Jason Kidd told Jay he should be involved with the Nets in 2003 to the eighth show’s “Encore,” take a look at the road to the creation of the Barclays Center below.