*Childhood obesity has become a growing concern among celebrities in the past few years, especially with the velocity of excitement first lady Michelle Obama has demonstrated since stepping into the White House.

Former NFL star, Jerry Rice, is joining the club of celebrities fighting the childhood death sentence (obesity) with a new campaign, The 60 Million Minutes Challenge.

He’s asking children of all ages to pledge 60 minutes a day to get active as part of the NFL’s PLAY 60 program, which was launched Monday.

“To reverse the trend of childhood obesity, we need to continue to educate kids and parents about the importance of 60 minutes of daily activity,” Rice said. “That’s what’s great about Kinect for Xbox 360. It gets kids off the couch and gets their whole body in the game.

“Being a healthy kid can lead to being a healthy adult.”

Children who join the program will also have the chance to receive gift cards and personalized autographs.