Ravi Perry & Prince Paris

Ravi Perry & Prince Paris

*Jet Magazine made a bold statement in its recent issue under the weddings section, where it features its first black male couple.

Both well established men doing the dang thang are now the talk of the magazine.

Ravi Perry, an assistant professor of political science at Mississippi State University, and Paris Prince, a licensed real estate broker and compliance officer for Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination, were married in August at their home in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The LGBT community activists call it progress.

“Jet magazine has an extensive legacy of covering the lives of LGBT African-Americans,” said GLAAD president Herndon Graddick in the press release. “This is yet another opportunity to applaud Jet magazine for continuing to highlight the diversity of the African-American community and to urge other media outlets to recognize that it’s these stories that help grow acceptance of our community and give a voice to LGBT people of color who are too often invisible in the media.”

“We are excited and honored to have our wedding featured in the historic yet ever-current Jet magazine,” said Ravi and Paris to GLAAD. “Long the hallmark in publishing news, culture, and events pertaining to the black American experience,  Jet’s publishing of our union is historic.”