jovan belcher & girlfriend & baby

Jovan Belcher with his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and their newborn baby in happier times.

*Unfortunately she won’t have her parents when she grows up, but 3-month-old daughter of Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins stands to receive at least $1 million from the NFL.

Under the terms of the league’s collective bargaining agreement, little Zoey, will receive $9,000 per month for the next 48 months, and at least $4,000 per month from age 4 until she turns 18 – or 23 if she goes to college.

Zoey is eligible for the money under the league’s Surviving Child benefit, according to a USA Today report.

Belcher’s beneficiaries also will receive a life insurance payment of $1.2 million as well as money from savings accounts set up through the league. The NFL keeps the identities of beneficiaries private.

The child will be covered under the league’s health care benefits plan for the next five years.

As we reported, Jovan Belcher, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, shot and killed Kasandra Perkins last Saturday morning. The incident occurred in the couple’s home, with Belcher’s mother and Zoey in the house at the time of the killing. Belcher then drove to Chiefs headquarters, where he killed himself in the parking lot in front of head coach Romeo Crennel, general manager Scott Pioli and a few others.