kenya moore*Let’s be real here, Kenya Moore didn’t waste no time introducing herself when cast on RHOA. She started sh*t from the moment she stepped on the set, wouldn’t you agree?

We mean really, from the first episode, this girl was DRAMA. Don’t get us wrong, its a great thing if you’re going to star on a reality show. But lets just say, while some people have to be coaxed towards drama, others seem to already have it in their bone marrow. The former beauty queen probably didn’t have to take any lessons, ‘K.

In spite of all the drama this woman causes though, you might be surprised to hear her comments on how she feels about each of the women she works with on the show. Check it out.

 On Cynthia Bailey:
“Cynthia is more like me than I ever would have thought,” said Kenya, advising viewers to tune in to see how their relationship develops. “This is what I will always say: I really appreciate a working woman who wants to have something for herself… I respect the fact that she is a businesswoman, and she’s using her platform in a great way. She’s helping other young Black girls, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

On NeNe Leakes:
“[Nene Leakes is] hilarious. She is so naturally funny, and so entertaining. Just the sound of her voice makes you laugh,” said Kenya, who also summed up Cynthia Bailey in one word. “Beautiful. Not only a stunningly beautiful woman, but she also has a good spirit.”

 On Kandi Burruss:
“Sexy…Kandi owns her sexuality, and there’s a power in that. She’s a smart girl, and I think that’s a great mixture.”

On Kim Zolciak (who will be leaving the show soon):
“White chocolate. She has got a really fiery personality. She has this no-holds barred way of thinking about life, and I think she’s interesting.”

The former “Miss USA” wasn’t quite so complimentary with Phaedra Parks though.

“Honestly, the first word that came to mind was con artist,” Kenya states. “She can get you to believe anything she wants just by spinning a story. She knows how to spin a story.”
And to Kenya, Porsha Stewart is simply “forgettable.”


Well, you didn’t expect the niceties to continue throughout did you?

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