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Kimberley Locke performing at the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center,

*With a show concept that took years to come together, season two American Idol second runner up Kimberley Locke recently showcased her new cabaret show in the South Florida area.

Ms. Locke had been discussing the project with her musical director Rick Leonard for years. The project finally came together this month. The show includes a variety of songs and stories about her celebrity encounters with Whitney Houston and Donna Summer among others.

Speaking exclusively to celebrity interview journalist Chris Yandek of and EURweb contributor after the show at the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center, Locke said she had a different perspective about the cabaret show:

“Check that off my list. The first one’s over. You know the first show, you know it’s the beginning of it all and we just, you know, are starting out. So it’s nice to get the first one under your belt, see how the audience responds, see how everything feels onstage and it was great. I thought it was great.”

Ms. Locke would love to bring her show to a Las Vegas venue. She explains why she finally decided to do this:

“You know one of the reasons I wanted to do this show was because I want people to see my personality and you know I think I’m funny. … You know, I like to tell stories and I like to be connected with my audience. I like the intimate theater and I can see the people’s faces and tell them personal stories. So everybody who was here tonight are gonna leave, they left knowing something about me they didn’t know about me before. You learned something about me too I’m sure.”

One of the stories from Kimberley’s cabaret evening is a story about recognizing a familiar face on a flight, but not being able to place the name. The familiar face ended up being Donna Summer, who past away earlier this year:

“I was literally on the plane and it just was not registering in my mind. But that happens when you see people out of context. You don’t expect to see Donna Summer on a plane, you know, going to Nashville of all places. I didn’t expect it, but she was very gracious and it was just one of those moments that I’ll never forget.”

You can learn more about about Kimberley Locke’s cabaret show and listen to her entire interview with her musical director Rick Leonard at Chris Yandek’s

kimberley locke & chris yandek

Kimberley Locke and Chris Yandek