*Rev. John J. Hunter is not having the best of luck in life over these past few months.

After being ex-communicated from First African Methodist Episcopal Church earlier this year, he’s now being sued, along with his wife, and few other church members.

According to paperwork the church filed, he is being accused of “holding dictatorial control over [the church] for [his] personal gain – both financially and for self-aggrandizement.”

However Hunter is denying that he’s done anything wrong, advocating that the church approved his $239,000 salary with perks.

“My life, my ministry has been characterized by those attacking me,” Hunter told the Los Angeles Times. “To be then characterized as some looter and somebody who’s been greedy … nothing can be further from the truth.”

Someone doesn’t agree because he’s been in trouble before. In 2008, he was investigated by the IRS for $300,000 in back taxes and for using church credit cards to purchase suits, jewelry, vacations, among other things.

This past October, he attempted to transfer to a smaller congregation in San Francisco, but the church rejected him, citing his history.