*The people have spoken: six hundred and sixty thousand of them to be exact. They don’t want Macy’s department store to stand by Donald Trump any longer. They say he’s a bigot! And their signatures on a petition from Signon.org – gathered in less than one month – is nothing to take lightly.

One week before the Thanksgiving holiday, scores of consumers gathered for a “Dump Trump” rally outside Macy’s Herald Square store in New York City. They were there to express their desire to have the retailer drop all things Trump. Consumers passed around a pair of scissors as they cut their Macy’s credit cards in half, in protest of the chain selling Trump-branded apparel such as ties, suits and cufflinks.

But apparently, the executives didn’t listen.

Resources say Macy’s Chief Marketing Officer told an audience at a business conference that Macy’s is sticking with Donald Trump because that’s what Macy’s customers want. The Macy’s executive dismissed the Dump Trump Effort, saying: “We try to separate from that and…let the customer vote on that…As long as that customer is still voting by wanting to buy that product, then that’s what it’s all about.”

And that argument appeared to be a good one…until it wasn’t.

With a recommended score of 31 among US women prior to the rally, Macy’s had every reason to feel confident. The score, said to be a good one, reflects how likely it is that customers will recommend the store.

But following the rally the score plummeted to a 14-point drop, placing it at 17 – which is 2 points below average for the retail industry. Not a good sign at all for Macy’s, the second largest retail store chain in the US.

But this is what happens when consumers are not taken seriously.

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