*And the drama continues on the nightly soap opera, “Basketball Wives: LA.”

Malaysia Pargo once tried to keep her bestie Adiz Bambi from throwing down on the Govan sisters. But since that moment, things have been rocky between her and her friends.

“Trying to make sure that relationships don’t clash was one of the hardest things, but at the end of the day, my loyalty to [Bambi] will always shine through,” Malaysia told VH1.

Though Malaysia and Laura are friends, she admits Bambi is her best friend.

“My relationship with Laura was totally different than my relationship with Bambi,” she said. “Bambi is like a sister to me. She knows my ins and outs, and I know what makes her tick, how to smooth things over, when to hold her back. I know it all, but what we don’t know is television.”

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