melissa harris perry*The Tuskegee Experiment included 600 black men (399 with Syphilis and 201 without) that were led down a road of deception by not only the federal government, but one of their own that they thought they could trust.

Nurse Rivers, who knew the experiment was all a lie and that they were not really being treated for their cases of Syphilis, never breathed a word. In exchange for taking part in the experiment, they were promised free medical exams, meals, and burial insurance.

According to All, on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show Sunday, she pointed out the similarities in Tavis Smiley to Nurse Rivers. Apparently, Tavis had been in business with Wells Fargo to get African Americans and Hispanics enrolled in their fraudulent “wealth building” program that duped them into loans with higher rates based on “the color of their skin.”