memphitz & toya

MeMpHiTz and wife, Toya Wright

*K. Michelle has done a bang up job at using “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” to share her story and thwart her music career.

In an interview with Hello Beautiful, music producer/exec Memphitz discussed his relationship and interaction with the reality show star, saying she’s not had a real affect on his marriage with Toya.

“It hasn’t affected my relationship. I basically told my wife all of this and even when me and my wife were dating,” he said. “I basically told her everything that I was going through with that person and the type of stuff that was going on. She was telling me all the stuff that was going on in the relationship she was in with this football player, whatever. I told her everything about this person and as soon as I got wind there was gonna be a show coming out, I told her, that’s the girl. She was like, ‘Oh.’ I used to play Michelle’s music. It wasn’t anything foreign to my wife. When it started happening, my wife was coming at me like, ‘wow you said that.’ I’m not tripping. My wife is cool. I feel that me and my wife have such great communication skills that by the time something is floating around or coming up, we’ve already discussed or joked about it.”

It appears as if he and Toya have a romantic and loving relationship. At the wedding, he was caught with teary eyes, proud and happy. Standing at the altar was a moment he said that eased any troubles. “I had no doubts, or no regrets. I jus was like, this is supposed to be happening and this is who I’m supposed to be with.”

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