*The path to NBA team ownership is a long, narrow one, where few have dared to follow and even fewer succeeded.

But that doesn’t discourage former NBA superstar Michael Jordan from sticking to his dreams.

The owner of the Charlotte Bobcats chatted with the Charlotte Observer, about the team’s growth, future, and players.

It’s a new season and the ‘Cats have a fresh start. Mike is impressed with the team and sees a positive future ahead for them.

“Well I watched a couple of practices and one of the things I was very happy about and I really praised the coaching staff in terms of was the method they were going about teaching our kids, teaching our players,” the team owner said. “Because a lot of those players, a lot of those things in the past were not being seen as basketball players. I got so excited because these are the things I went through — some of the drills, some of the fundamentals.

“I think those have been missing in some of the preseason activity. Why coaches have skipped steps in the past I don’t understand and especially because our talent coming out is a lot younger than it used to be. And this is from a guy [Jordan himself] who had been in college three years, and I still had to go through that process.”

Check out the full interview at the Charlotte Observer.