tyga*Three models who appeared in Tyga‘s “Make it Nasty” video – which is definitely nasty, with lots of nudity – are suing the rapper because they say their nipples were exposed without their permission.

The girls, Alissa Rae Ross, Azia Davis, and Elizabeth Velasquez, who filed lawsuits on Friday – according to TMZ – are claiming that when they auditioned for their roles in the video, the casting ad said, “There will be NO nudity involved in the video, and all the girls will be tastefully shot.”

“No nudity and tastefully shot,” yeah right. Remember, the video and song is called “Make it Nasty” for a reason. Anyway we digress. The three er, models, say they were  asked during filming, on July 2, to appear topless in some scenes, but they were assured their nipples would be “covered” or “edited out.” And they were right … as far as the clean version is concerned.

They say they were told the “dirty” version of the video would never be released.  But as you can see here, the down and dirty uncensored, NSFW version WAS released with nipples, boobs and everything else out in the open for all to see.

Ross, Davis and Vasquez are suing Tyga for breach of contract, invasion of privacy, as well as fraud. But with no written and/or signed paperwork/contracts, we wish ’em luck

As the eloquent Forest Gump would say, say is stupid is as stupid does.

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