django (stephen &black republicans)

Stephen (from ‘Django) and black Republicans

*Well now, this is a different kind of movie review.

In “Django Unchained,” Stephen, the villainous “House Ni**a,” is being compared by Boston Globe film critic Wesley Morris to black Republicans … think Justice Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain or former RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

Ok, you’ve got our attention Mr. Morris (pictured below). He goes on to point out how the film successfully melded a Spaghetti Western and slavery. And not surprisingly, he also gave props to Quentin Tarantino and the actors

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However, when it came to Sam Jackson’s character, Stephen, the nasty, evil head servant at the God-forsaken Candie family mansion, Morris believes the actor channeled today’s black Republicans for his “black self-loathing” performance:

Samuel L. Jackson plays crusty, waxen Stephen as a vision of depraved loyalty and bombastic jive that cuts right past the obvious association with Uncle Tom. The movie is too modern for what Jackson is doing to be limited to 1853. He’s conjuring the house Negro, yes, but playing him as though he were Clarence Thomas or Alan Keyes or Herman Cain or Michael Steele, men whom some black people find embarrassing.”

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Morris – obviously extremely impressed with Jackson in “Django” – called his performance as a “black monster,” unprecedented … never seen before, not even in D.W. Griffith‘s famous 1915 movie about the “Klu Klux Klan, The Birth of a Nation.”

Jackson turns the volume way up on his entire persona to broadcast the nightmare of black self-loathing. It’s a terrifying, fearless, and easily misconstrued performance,” the critic concluded about Jackson’s acting.

Hmm, so does that mean Jamie Foxx channeled Barack Obama for his Django character? Just wondering.

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Wesley Morris