najee ali & tavis smiley

Najee Ali & Tavis Smiley

*Brother Tavis, there are many Blacks across the nation (myself included) who are appreciative of the work and contributions you have made in your journalistic career. For many years now, you have served Black people faithfully with tremendous success. Black America is a better place because of your works and no one can take that away from you. I also want to humbly give you some advice if I may. Your recent tirade against Morris W. O’Kelly  a/k/a “MO ‘Kelly,” a fellow radio commentator and colleague of yours is simply the last straw for me and a growing number of African-Americans.

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The fact that you had your attorneys from Browning & Browning law offices  send him a “cease and desist” letter demanding that he stop talking and writing bad about you is ridiculous. At this point, you are not hurting Black America your hurting your brand and yourself.  The confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement that Mr. Kelley signed with you when he worked as a producer for you cannot stop him from making public comments on your current advocacy. It’s time that you cease and desist with this foolishness!  Tavis the White establishment has been propping you up for years. Your television show that is broadcast nationally on PBS costs about $8 million per year to produce. PBS officials in Washington kick in $1 million annually, but you have to raise the rest on your own by going hat in hand to corporate sponsors such as Wal-Mart. Therefore, Wal-Mart plays a major role in sustaining your popularity. Yet you claim you care so much for those who are in poverty.

If you really wanted to address poverty shouldn’t you have involved Wal -Mart in the conversation to hold them accountable as well? This is very hypocritical of you. Wal-Mart continues to refuse to pay a living wage or provide affordable health care to its employees. Wal Mart is a billion dollar corporation. They should be able to offer a better medical package for their associates and a living wage. Tavis you continue to be a significant pawn for corporate interests, to the detriment of the black community. Corporations that continually oppress the Black working class and other Americans. While at the same time trying to stop Mr. Kelly’s freedom of speech.

Mr. Kelly was correct in his analysis when he stated that “you have no plan, no program, no would-be law that you’re pushing to help end poverty. That you’re just trying to trick people into believing that you have a process when you don’t. Mr. Kelly is right, and has the right to say so.”

Tavis, Tom Joyner allowed you to come on his nationally syndicated morning show where you were highly critical of people on a regular basis and became wealthy by doing so. You especially seemed to be up to the task in trying to hold President Obama accountable with what many felt were your unwarranted personal attacks. Yet when  Mr. Kelly  attempts  to hold you accountable  as well you run crying trying to lawyer up. I live in Los Angeles and when the community has a problem or crisis they don’t turn to you because you’re not trying to hold anyone accountable here where you live and work at. We all know your all talk no action. It’s time for you to put your big boy pants on and cease and desist in attempting to silence others who have a right to freedom of speech as well.

Najee Ali
Director of Project Islamic HOPE and Author of the critically acclaimed book “Raising Hell”

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In related news, Tuesday morning, Mo’Kelly will appear the Tom Joyner Morning Show and will be interviewed by TJMS correspondent Roland Martin regarding the  “disagreement” between he and former employer Tavis Smiley.