dwyane wade & dwight howard*As has been reported, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard played the roles of bad boys in their last games and now it’s time to pay the piper.

On Wednesday night, Wade delivered a knee below the belt on Charlotte Bobcats guard Ramon Sessions and Howard hit Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried in the face.

As we said, now it’s time to pay for the infractions. On Thursday, NBA Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson handed down the news: a one-game suspension for Wade, the Miami Heat guard and a $35,000 fine — but no suspension — for Howard, the Los Angeles Lakers center.

As far as the Wade and Howard penalties, Jackson explained them this way: “flailing his leg and making contact with the groin” for Wade and “excessive contact with Faried above the shoulders” for Howard.

If by chance you didn’t see the plays that that caused the problems for the two, Check ’em out below. See if you agree with the punishment.