ne-yo*Ne Yo was recently nominated for “Best Dance Recording” for “Let’s Go.”

During an interview with Hot 93.7 Morning Crew, the singer chatted about following up on “R.E.D.” and how his mama is the ‘owner’ of his first Grammy.

“I feel good,” said Ne-Yo on his fourth Grammy nod. “The Grammys, that’s a big one.” Since 2007, Ne-Yo has been nominated thirteen times, taking home the award three times. “Two of them are at [my] house,” the singer explained. “The first one ever is with my mom. She’s not giving it back. I tried to get it back when I moved into my house and she was like ‘no!’” he laughed.

While he’s racking up the awards, he’s still hard at work. Between accepting another Grammy nomination and performing on “SNL,” he’s all over the place and very busy. One day, however, he’d like to slow things down and probably spend some time with his family.

“If I could find something where I could do that and stick with music, yea. I don’t know if I could take a year, two years out to just do movies.” Ne-Yo also pointed out that any free time he gets he wants to spend with his family. “I would be with my kids. Hands down.”

But until then, he’s still in demand and working on the next project as a follow up to “R.E.D.”

“With this next album I am just going to go in and do whatever I feel like. Whatever comes out, comes out. The music is who I am,” he said. “I am never going to give anything to you that is crap… I am always going to give you quality. It will just be quality of whatever genre I feel like. At the end of the day I don’t do music for white people, black people, whatever. I do music for people who enjoy music.”