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*LOS ANGELES  – The internet has become an increasingly dangerous battleground, an electronic war is being waged between governments and private institutions alike, in order to safeguard crucial information from hackers seeking to intrude and disrupt their legitimate activities.

Author and scientist Mario Nabliba has long sought to remedy this situation and protect companies, government agencies and individual citizens from rampant digital assailants, and presents Integrity Data Protection Forensic as an answer to the threat of cyber-attack.

IDP Forensic is a field of science, computer investigation, and analysis techniques that involve the identification, preservation, extraction, documentation, and interpretation of computer data to determine potential legal evidence.

In an age of cybercrime, identity theft, and the proliferation of viruses, malware, worms, Trojans and other malicious programs by extremely ruthless and resourceful hackers, IDP Forensic LLC provides the integral computer expertise needed to trace these perpetrators and bring them to justice. As a scientist and an entrepreneur, Nabliba enumerates the noble goals of his information security company, and its advanced capabilities in combating crime within the digital frontier of cyberspace.

“My book is a new science that will shape the business and scientific community around the world with new approaches. Hence it is called a new trend in the field of computer science technology,” he shares. The relevancy of his work is that it is on the cutting edge in the field of both computer science and the practice of a business model, and depicts the creative application of information technology to provide quality security services across the globe.

Integrity Data Protection Forensic is a revolutionary development that will have deep ramifications on the safety of the world wide web. Readers will find Nabliba’s book fascinating with its digested approach on high tech matters such as information defense and computer security, aiding them in becoming involved with this newly evolved field of science.

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 About the Author
Mario Nabliba was born in Guinea Portuguese in 1966, the small village of Tchugue. After completed his primary education, high school in Bolama and college in Bissau, he then taught high  school physics and math in Bissau and Cape Verde. Nabliba went to the University of Lisbon, Portugal for his Post Bachelors in Physics/Science with an emphasis in Biophysics. In 1995, he came to the US, worked in Hollywood as a proofreader of Portuguese to English, and studied English at the Pasadena Community College. He graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters in Computer Science Information Systems. He is certified in Computer Forensic Science, worked as a Computer System Analyst with extensive experience in electronics and PI (Principle Investigator Accredited) by NSF in tribute of scientific work / IDPForensic in computer science.