Yung Tuck

*It takes a real artist to understand the fact that for a rapper, you do not have wear baggy clothes, have a du-rag on and rap about drugs, women and sex to appeal to an audience in the rap industry.

Emerging rapper, Yung Tuck wants to bring his life into his music but in a classy sense. The Seattle, Washington native began writing music at the young age of 11. After years of practice songwriting, Yung Tuck has dipped into producing and entrepreneurship.

“This is a hectic process,” said Yung Tuck. He expressed that when writing for different people he has to different emotion as if he was the other person but when writing for himself he stated “it is a easier process.” In his line of work, Tuck wants artists in the industry to understand that you have to be your own producer, songwriter, graphic designer and artist. “I just know that I got to get things done.”

Now living in Los Angeles, Tuck  is bringing his music to the West Coast and in works of dropping his mixtape ‘F.I.M.’ (Formally Introduce Myself) which was released on Nov. 23, 2012.

One of his singles, “Shattered Glass” as he puts it, has gotten him in a lot of trouble.

“The first and second verses pulls from relationships that I have had in the past,” said Yung Tuck. He explains that the song expresses the feelings that men think in the heat of the moment but they don’t say anything. “I’m taking my manhood back by speaking the man’s opinion.”

Now that the mixtape is released, Yung Tuck is in production of releasing his debut album, ‘Trials & Tribulations’ which is set to release March 12 of next year. The album is a tribute to the hardships endured in his past, overcoming obstacles and all the nay-sayers he’s encountered along with a thank you to all the people who have supported him along the way.

Yung Tuck wants to leave his audience with a sense of manhood or womanhood.

“I don’t want them to listen to my album and expect me to kill someone, have sex with a woman or sell dope in every track,” said Yung Tuck.

He wants fans to expect a little bit of that but in a classy way. He believes that you can be one of the best in the industry without having to live the stereotype. Yung Tuck compares his approach and style in his music to Wiz Khalifa.

“Everyone is trying to be big bad wolf of the game but you really don’t need to do that to be relevant in the game,” he said. “You talk about your life and trials and tribulations you been through but you do not have to take it to the extreme.” He notes that he pulls a lot of inspiration from R&B. He calls his writing style and artistry, rhythm and hop which is a compilation of hip hop lyrics over hard R&B beats.

Overall, Yung Tuck does his work to show that you can be a successful artist without having to live the stigma that the entertainment industry is set on. As a songwriter, rapper, producer and entrepreneur, Yung Tuck is looking to create new opportunities to perfect his craft and he strives to make himself a household name.

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