*A Manhattan Lawyer James McMillian is suing a New York jeweler for taking his $30,000 Rolex.

According to reports, the attorney purchased a brand-new, rose-gold Rolex Presidential with a diamond bezel in 2009 at Rafaello & Co, a jeweler celebrities like Alicia Keys and Carmelo Anthony are know to shop at.

Last year he brought the beautiful timepiece in for a cleaning. A week later he went back to pick it up only to find out that his watch was not there. Staffers told the owner of the watch that the Rafael Aranbayev “loved the Rolex so much he was now wearing it as his own personal watch,” McMillan claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

Oh but that’s not all. Now, rapper Drake is in possession of the watch. However, he was assured it would be returned.

But he was given a Franck Muller watch, which ranges from $30,000 to $180,000. He was also fitted for a new Rolex.

McMillian returned the Muller in confidence that his watch would be back on his wrist soon.

Later the lawyer found out the watch was sold.

Drake claims he doesn’t have the valued Rolex. However, the rapper does own a rose-gold Rolex, but insists he ordered it from the company himself.