rihanna and oprah*The former queen of daytime television is shocking us once again.

Oprah told The Hollywood Reporter that her most amazing interview was with controversial pop star, Rihanna.

“Interestingly enough, the person who surprised me the most was Rihanna,” she said.

Like a ‘G,’ because she is that woman, Oprah refuses to interview people who preface ther interview with questions she can’t ask.

She said Rihanna “brought one thousand percent of her. You could tell that she came ready. She was open to anything.”

Before the interview, Oprah really didn’t know much about Rihanna except her music. Afterward, she found her to be “thoughtful and so smart.”

“What’s really happening is that people see that when they give me an opportunity to sit down with them, I really just want them to be fully themselves,” Oprah shared. “The way I approach every interview is to use my own sort of Super Soul training: You allow the presence in you to speak to the presence in the other person. You drop the facade, and you really see soul to soul with somebody.”