*Oh shoot! Mr. Opinion himself, Peter Thomas, the husband of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Cynthia Bailey, publicly chastised Halle Berry.

He says the actress should have intervened before her ex Gabriel Aubry and her boyfriend Oliver Martinez escalated to a physical altercation on Thanksgiving Day.

“Halle Berry had the power to shut it down. This is a very volatile situation that she’s put herself in once again. He’s dropping off his daughter and all Halle had to do is come out of the house, meet the baby half way … and keep it moving and that man can go about his business,” Peter told Uptown Magazine.

An interesting perspective, not knowing exactly what went down. But he does have a legit suggestion since he is the stepfather of Cynthia’s daughter with actor Leon.

“Halle should take tips from my beautiful wife, Cynthia, and how she’s handled the situation with me, her daughter Noel and Leon. The way she dealt with it out the gate was I couldn’t even walk in her house until I sat down to dinner with her child’s father. She made sure that everything was so cordial before it could accelerate,” he said.

But perhaps he didn’t keep in mind that Halle and Gabriel’s separation was tumultuous and their relationship continues to be quite strained, unlike Cynthia’s relationship with Leon.

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