*Everyone knows the Sanders family business since Pilar and Deion called their 14-year marriage quits.

It’s been nasty, ugly, and embarrassing to say the least. They’ve been in a hot battle over the $250 million estate and custody of the children and all that stuff that comes along with divorce.

Besides that, the two have been publicly ridiculing each other – Deion called his soon-to-be official ex-wife the “ultimate gold digger” in interviews and on social networking sites.

Recently, however, Pilar decided to open up about their relationship and come out about alleged abuse.

“Most recently, every picture on the web would show that my arm was broken and he busted my thumb in attempts to knock me out, kill me, yeah,” she told Cherryontop.com. “And maybe, perhaps, people will believe it more so now, that, unfortunately, they were seeing this season. The very drastic increase of athletes, football players who snap, and unfortunately, take their lives and other people’s lives with them. It’s not that far off, it’s not uncommon among athletes. It’s very, very, very not uncommon when you speak with other NFL wives, football wives, athletes’ wives.”

Further, she said the man lied about Pilar and a friend jumping on him while at the house during their separation. Instead, he attacked the ladies and allegedly broke her arm.

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