porsha stewart & kenya moore

Porsha Stewart & Kenya Moore

*As always, season 5 like the other 4 seasons of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” delivers the goods.

To paraphrase Porsha Stewart‘s now infamous boo-boo, its fans probably wish they could watch it265 days a year.  😉

However, some fans may have been a bit vexed when word spread that there would be two new cast members this season thrown into what has already proven to be a well seasoned brew of Georgia Peaches and drama.

When it was announced that former Miss U.S.A., model and actress Kenya Moore, and Atlanta socialite Porsha Stewart would be joining the cast, some may have begun to wonder if the newbies would be able to ‘bring it.’ And boy, if ever there was an “it” to bring – it’s been brought!

EURweb associate Crystal Shaw-King spoke with Porsha recently about the show thus far, and she spilled the tea on everything from her most “cringe worthy moment” (her words not ours), how she even became a member of one of the most popular of Bravo’s “Housewives” franchises and that’s not all!  Miss Porsha did not hold her tongue when the topic of Kenya Moore was brought up, she also gave a little insight into what to expect from the upcoming Anguilla couples trip and so much more!

Here are some highlights:

Porsha’s thoughts after watching her now infamous first meeting with Kenya Moore at the charity event:
“It was hilarious while watching it, but after it went off it was difficult digesting the fact that my life is now open for judgment and the way I may have taken a situation, someone else’s perspective may be totally different.   So it’s hard when you know what your intentions were and they get confused along the way … I really felt disrespected.  I was really shocked and surprised. I was completely disappointed with her because I had such high expectations because I had admired her for so long since I was a child.”

“When I tell you when I went into that charity event I had no… nobody could have told me I was going to be kicking her out of the event, nobody could have told me that.  Nobody.  But that might have been the moment where they said ‘hey we need that diva on the show.” 

On if she thinks Kenya Moore is jealous of her:
“I would never use the word “jealousy” because to me for me to say someone is jealous of me that means I think I’m better than you.  I definitely think she thinks she’s better than other people.  I don’t live my life that way, I don’t have to.  I live well.  I have a great husband and I have a great life and I have meaning and purpose in my life, so I don’t have to down anybody else.  But if you don’t have anything going on for yourself and you have created your environment and created a life out of thin air basically, then you will see the need when you come against somebody who has a real life and real legacy you will come against that.”

On her saying “265 days a year”:  
“Hello can we say ‘cringe worthy moment.’  I was watching that and if someone would have told me I said that, I would have said that’s not true.  When I saw myself say that I said ‘you know what… oh my gosh those nerves, I’m mean seriously those nerves.’” 

On why she allowed the cameras to follow her to her doctor’s appointment:
That was very important for me to do once I had decided to do it. It was something I had prayed about.  That situation for me was, it was very very stressful and it led to a short period of depression in dealing with that.  And I said ‘you know if I would have known I had the fibroid prior to trying to get pregnant none of this part would have happened to me’… so I thought to myself as long as my story can help one woman [who] can choose to let her doctor know that her body is telling her something is wrong and ask for the fibroid test, because unfortunately African Americans, we’re the ones who suffer with it the most and we’re the ones who keep the tightest lip about it.    

On the couple’s trip to Anguilla:
Anguilla is full of surprises.  It gets very very very intense.  It was just an emotional rollercoaster for me on that vacation … you could be at dinner and it was just several different … disagreements would erupt at one time.  So it’s definitely the spiciest part of the season coming up in Anguilla.

On Kenya appearing to flirt with Phaedra’s husband Apollo:
Yeah some people they didn’t get that home training class.  They skipped that class.  They skipped that one honey and it shows cause like Miss Phaedra said some rules were definitely broken.  But you know what, I tell you what, I’m just sure glad it did not happen to me.  I’m glad it did not happen to me ‘cause I might woulda had to put that princess Porsha hat down and pick that ratchet hat up and handle some things!

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs Sunday night’s at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo.

You can hear the entire interview with Porsha Stewart here: