porsha stewart & kenya moore

Porsha Stewart & Kenya Moore

*Kenya Moore has been nothing but the source of drama for everyone involved on “Real Housewives.”

Fellow newcomer Porsha Stewart went in on her co-star during an interview with Power 105.1 in New York.

She concluded that the former beauty queen wasn’t exactly jealous of her, but more along the lines of envious.

“When people say people are jealous of you, then you think you’re better than somebody, and I don’t think I’m better than anybody. So, I would say envious,” Porsha told Power 105.1. “I think there’s some envy in there, and that’s a spirit. She gotta work on that.”

The pair got off to a rocky start when Porsha asked Kenya her relationship status. Drama Queen was offended.

“At the lunch, when she sat down with me, I’m excited. I’m a newlywed. So, I’m talking about my husband, kids,” Porsha said. “I’m looking at another adult in her 40s who should be married and have that. So, I’m talking about it with her like it’s normal, and she getting offended.”

So perhaps Kenya is bitter and wants to be in the same boat. Well, obviously with all of her extra flirting and pressuring men to put a ring on it, she does want to be married. But she’s up there in age. Porsha’s not letting her forget that.

“Age would not have been an issue until she kept calling me a little girl,” said Porsha, who later told Wendy Williams that Kenya’s accomplishments indeed deserve recognition.

“One thing I will and I can say is that I absolutely respect her legacy,” she said.

Check out the full radio interview below.