“Mr. President, c’mon. We know you got swag, let’s do it Gangnam style!”

*Think you’ve seen it all? Well we’re here to tell you, ya haven’t!

Peep this: There’s a petition circulating on Change.org, started by a woman named Grace Choi. Her goal is to help create world peace through cultural diplomacy.

The strategic move she hopes will make this happen is this: YOU sign a petition asking President Barack Obama to “Dance Gangnam Style” –yep, you got it, that horse-gallop-dance, with PSY, the Korean dude who created it, and made it a YouTube sensation.

“Ah man. I want world peace and all. And I’m a really good sport but…”

We kid you not. It’s a real petition, and its gaining momentum.

Choi, is an avid fan of Korean pop and a self-described international relations nerd. PSY’s video was recently declared the most watched video EVER on YouTube.

Choi lists five reasons people should sign, here’s two of ’em:

“PSY and the Obama family will be together in DC on December 9th for the taping of the TNT ‘Christmas in Washington’ event. These global forces will share the stage. This is definitely fate!”

Also – “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called Gangnam Style a ‘force for world peace.’ If this helps get us closer to world peace, then let’s work on this together.”

Our prez is so cool, knowing him, he would probably, at least, consider it. Of course, Mrs. Obama might look at him a bit cock-eyed at first…before bursting into laughter and daring him to do it!

Choi even has incentives for the Bidens and the Clintons to shake a tail-feather. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know what happens.

In the meantime, if you want the prez to kick it Gangnam style with PSY, sign the petition here.

In the meantime, check out this “Gangnam Style” parody called “Obama Style”: