fontella bass*It’s getting harder to open the online mail each day.

Its almost expected that someone dear to us all on a public level will be in the obits. Today it is Fontella Bass, who rose to fame in 1965 with her hit song, “Rescue Me.”

According to the Associated Press, Bass passed at a St. Louis hospice of complications from a heart attack she suffered three weeks ago.  The singers’ daughter, Neuka Mitchell, said her mother had suffered a number of health setbacks over the years, including several strokes.“She was an outgoing person,” said Mitchell. “She had a very big personality. Any room she entered she just lit the room up, whether she was on stage or just going out to eat,” she added.

Bass released eight albums in her 47-year career; with the last one being, “Travelin,’ which came out in 2001.

Fontella Bass is survived by four children. Her husband, Lester Bowie, a trumpet and jazz musician, died in 1999.