*Is the Rev. Al Sharpton actually making an impact in politics again?

With his MSNBC show, “Politics Nation,” it looks like the perm-haired activist is making waves by bringing to front issues of race in politics.

He began his program just one year ago, with many questioning whether or not it would be a spectacle. But it appears he’s kept audiences interested thus far, though he does at times make you pause for a moment and wonder how he got a show.

Certainly there are others out there that would do a great job on the issues the show brings out. We’ve got to give it to him, though, he did his thing when it comes to Trayvon Martin coverage and the recent election.

Overall, he never had doubts the show would be great.

“I knew the show would be successful,” Sharpton told The Daily Beast’s Alison Samuels. “But I wasn’t sure how much reach it would have in terms of calling people to act. I couldn’t tell that early on.”

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