Rihanna continues her holiday vacation as she parties with friends on a balcony in Barbados. (Dec. 23, 2012)

*Rihanna was forced to call the police at her home in Barbados on Sunday (Dec. 23) after a man trespassed onto the property.

Barbados Police confirm that they received a call after a man believed to be a German national wandered onto the private beachfront estate, reports TMZ.

Though it is assumed the man intended no harm to the superstar singer, the incident clearly unnerved Rihanna and she waited anxiously while police arrived. By the time authorities conducted a sweep of the property, the man had made a hasty retreat though was later snapped on the beach by TMZ.

Meanwhile, British newspaper The Sun presented a very different version of events, quoting a witness who said, “The guy got to within about 10 to 12ft of where Rihanna was sitting before he was apprehended by security. He looked fairly harmless but it was a little too close for comfort.”