sam jackson (snl)

*Samuel L. Jackson’s mouth almost got him and NBC caught up in some FCC trouble.

He nearly dropped the ‘F-bomb’ on “SNL” the other night, but caught himself and said “fuh” instead. However, he didn’t censor his tongue when he said “bullsh*t” during his appearance.

Pretending to be aggravated by getting interrupted as a guest on the mock talk show “What Up with That?” the big mouthed actor said what sounded like an anticipated “F-bomb” and then a follow up bullsh*t for good measure.

Kenan Thompson looked genuinely shocked by his language, but kept it movin’.

Via Twitter, he tried to blame the slip up on Kenan, saying he was supposed to interrupt him before he actually said what he said.

Jackson’s tweet was accompanied by a photo of himself looking mortified (below).

Scroll down below the photo to watch Sam and Kenan . You decide if he said it or not.

sam jackson (mortified)