sam jackson (on his django unchained character)*Blacktree TV’s Jamaal Finkley spoke to Samuel L. Jackson this past weekend to discuss the actor’s controversial role in the equally controversial Quentin Tarantino film “Django Unchained.”

In the production, Jackson plays a Steven, the “house ni**a.” No, he doesn’t do the “yessa boss, I’s comin'” thing, but there’s no doubt he’s, well  a “house ni*a.” and quite frankly he’s a damn good one, too. It’s one of those roles, like the film itself, that’s going to piss of a LOT of black folk. But, you won’t be able to stop looking at what you’re seeing. Oh yeah, don’t be shocked if he gets an Oscar nod for the role.

So, what’s the process with Sam and Quentin? They’ve have history (“Jackie Brown,” “Pulp Fiction). Finkley started things off by basically asking what is it about their relationship that allows them to work together and create great characters and chemistry?

“Quentin writes the stories and he presents the characters to me and I look at it and say it’s a good challenge and I’ll do it,” responded Jackson. “When he sent ‘Django to me, I read it and he told me you’re Steven, and I was like it’s 15 years too late to be Django because … I wanna be a western hero with guns and you want me to be the most despised negro in cinematic history.”

But we’re talking Samuel L. Jackson here. Once he takes a role, no matter what it is, even a lowly character like Steven, he’s going to try and hit it out the park, which he did. He adds half jokingly …

“That’s something to aspire to. Ok, let’s see what we can do. Yeah, let’s reach for it.”

Trust us, he went for it and then some. He plays Steven to the hilt. You’ll come away hating the character, but you’ll absolutely love and appreciate Jackson’s performance in the film. He, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz and of course Jamie Foxx are dynamite together.

Check out the interview below and find out what else Jackson had to say about his role in “Django Unchained.”