sam jackson (as stephen in django)

Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen in ‘Django Unchained’

*Samuel L. Jackson is that dude in Hollywood.

He’s that guy who can say what he wants, when he wants and not even bat an eye.

The actor was recently at the center of an “SNL” FCC nightmare when he dropped the “f-bomb” on live television.

Though many expected a public apology, we didn’t get one. Why? Probably because Sam is who he is – an unashamed black man.

Anyway, he recently chatted with The Urban Daily about his role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django: Unchained” as the head house-slave, gun control, and the recent tragedy at Newtown, Conn.

While for some, being the cunning  slave “Stephen” is a dated parallel character to “Uncle Ruckus” of “Boondocks, Sam says don’t get it twisted. There’s no comparing the two.

He has the power of life or death over a lot of people,” he said. “Stephen is feared not just by the black people on the plantation but the whites also. Stephen is the power behind the throne. Stephen has power, Uncle Ruckus has no power.”

He also added that “Django” is a different look at the brutality of slavery, whereas something like “Roots” dealt with a specific genealogical journey.

“’Django’ is a trip through the horror because this is the story that Dr. King Schultz tells ] Django about Siegfried and Broomhilda. The mountain that he has to climb is slavery. And that’s a huge, ugly crazy mountain that you’re in that you have to tread lightly to get there. There will be fire breathing dragon at the entrance of the cave happens to be Calvin Candie and Stephen.”

Regarding guns and the Newtown massacre, he comes from a culture where guns are the norm. Sam commented that it’s not guns that kill people, “crazy people kill people.”

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