*On Christmas Day, moviegoers have a choice between two opening films – the slave-revenge, spaghetti-Western “Django Unchained,” or the film adaptation of the Broadway musical “Les Miserables.”

Beginning today, on the website Funny or Die, Samuel L. Jackson of “Django Unchained” and Anne Hathaway of “Les Miserables” go head to head in a battle over whose character is the most pathetic. Jackson plays a house slave, while Hathaway takes on the tragically doomed role of Fantine, a French prostitute dying of tuberculosis.

In the video below, the two get very competitive over who had it worst in their respective films.

“Try being a black man in the south in the 1800s,” Jackson tells Hathaway. “I bet you couldn’t handle being a black man in the south right now.”

Hathaway counters, “When there’s a French whore in the White House, then we can talk.”

Building a gingerbread plantation — with black gum drops as slaves — Jackson guffaws at Hathaway’s despair over Fantine losing her factory job. Yet Hathaway fires back by being hampered with a whooping cough while she’s trying to sing “Silent Night.”

Watch below.