scott brown & deval patrick

Scott Brown & Deval Patrick

*President Obama and Democrats are in kind of a quandary.

Since Susan Rice is not not a candidate for Secretary of State, the odds are that Mr. Obama will appoint Massachusetts senator John Kerry. That of course means he have to give up his senate seat and a special election would then be held to replace him. That leaves current, lame duck Republican senator, Scott Brown laying inthe cut to make his move to be re-elected again.  That would be bad news for the Dems.

(Via Washington Post) – If a special election for Sen. John Kerry’s seat was held today, Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) would win easily, according to a WBUR poll.

The senator, who was defeated by Elizabeth Warren last month, dominates potential Democratic challengers, including Gov. Deval Patrick, state Attorney General Martha Coakley and Reps. Ed Markey and Mike Capuano. Brown’s favorability rating, at 58 percent, is far higher than any of his possible rivals. He leads a generic Demcorat 47 to 39 percent.

Should President Obama nominate Kerry as the next secretary of state, a special election will be held for the veteran Massachusetts Democrat’s seat sometime in 2013. (Until that election, Patrick would appoint a placeholder to the seat — possibly former governor Michael Dukakis.)

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