serena williams*Serena Williams has haters all around all the time, even when she’s staying out of the spotlight.

Earlier this month, Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark stuffed her shirt and skirt with towels, mocking champion athlete.

What a hater; she wished she had all that junk in her trunk, some would say.

Anyway, the incident was caught on camera and went viral. (Scroll down to see the video.) The response was something fierce. Viewers called the Denmark tennis player a racist.

Even Whoopi Goldberg did her due diligence and brought it up on the “The View.”

However, despite the uproar, Serena actually defended Wozniacki saying she probably didn’t mean anything by it.

“I know Caro and I would call her my friend and I don’t think she (meant) anything racist by it,” she wrote from the island of Mauritius off the coast of Africa, training for the upcoming Australian match.

This isn’t the first time the bodily endowed athlete has been parodied.

Others like Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic also have enacted their own forms of jokes about Serena’s body.

While some may view the jokes as sexist and racist, she pointed out the imbalance of attention this particular incident with Caroline attracted.

“(Roddick) and (Djokovic) do it all the time and Caro does (it) and now it’s racist.??” she wrote.

Read more of her response at USA Today.