tavis smiley & morris okelly

Tavis Smiley & Morris O’Kelly

*Oh, the drama!

It used to kinda private, but the rancor between Tavis Smiley and Morris W. O’Kelly a/k/a “Mo’Kelly,” has gone public. A recent article by columnist Betty Pleasant in the Los Angeles Wave newspaper did the trick.

Pleasant writes that the situation between the two outspoken media personalities has heated up to the point where the attorney for Smiley, whom she also refers to as a “public TV showman and ‘poverty tourist,’” sent radio commentator and blogger Mo’Kelly a “cease and desist” letter demanding that he stop talking and writing bad about him!

Yes, Tavis is not pleased that Mo’Kelly is not down with him and his partner, Dr. Cornel West and their ongoing national anti-poverty campaign.

Most recently, Mo’Kelly received a press release from the Smiley Group Inc. advising him and the rest of the local media which received the release, that Smiley and West have scheduled yet another “poverty tour,” from Jan. 18, to Jan. 25, but this time they are calling it the “Poverty Manifesto Lecture Series.” The purpose of this series, which is slated to occur on college campuses, is to press President Obama into convening a “White House conference on the eradication of poverty in America.”

After receiving this press release, Mo’Kelly invited Smiley to his Nov. 16 “Mo’Kelly in the Morning” radio show to discuss it. Smiley came and Mo’Kelly tore him up.

“I gave him a lot of puff, actually,” Mo’Kelly said. “I took issue with his process. We all have a moral imperative to reduce poverty and I accept that. But Tavis has no plan, no program, no would-be law that he’s pushing. His premise does not validate his process and that’s what I was arguing about.

“He’s just trying to trick people into believing he has a process; but he does not and I have the right to say so,” he added.

Like we said, oh the drama!

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